Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Disco Quilt and Others

The quilt above is the Disco Quilt pattern from Jaybird Quilts.  I just completed this last week.  It is for my son Austin whose middle name is Joseph so I called this quilt Austin Joseph's Quilt of Many Colors.  Planning the layout of the blocks was the most challenging and the most rewarding part of this project.  He likes it so now I just need to quilt it.  It is a twin so I will be "Walking Foot" Quilting it.  I am watching Jacque Gering on Craftsy and getting lots of ideas!  Maybe too many, just need to pick one for this quilt.

The Spring "Bunny" Quilt is nearly completed.  This was quilted with my Walking Foot and I am adding some Big Stitch Quilting in the border between the lines of my machine quilting.  If I would quit starting new projects and didn't have to go to work I could probably get this done. :))

The tulips from my previous post made a sweet little wall quilt for Spring display.  Also walking foot quilted.
And finally the quilt below is next up to be quilted, also with my walking foot.  Notice the theme here of walking foot quilting; free motion quilting and I have not yet enjoyed each other's company. But perhaps some day, we will.  The Bookkeeper precise brain in me cannot seem to relax enough to just go with the FMQ flow. :))  

And off  I go to work and hopefully to quilt later!

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  1. OOO! Really like this quarter square triangle quilt. What are you going to call it?