Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas, 2010

While on vacation in November, I had the great delight of visiting the Little Quilts Store in Marietta, GA.  While there I purchased some fabrics and made this quilt from a pattern in one of the first quilt books I ever purchased.  That book was “Little Quilts All Through the House.”  I finished this quilt on New Years Day even though my cold, runny nose and sore throat  tried to stop me.


The chair below was one of my favorite Christmas ideas this year.  The quilt was made to be a table runner but when I laid it on this chair as I brought out the Christmas items it looked great.  And so it found its home.


I crocheted the pillow from a pattern by the Royal Sisters.  It was fun to make and her directions were very clear. This year we enjoyed our first “live” Christmas tree in many a year.  The tree was wonderful, so much prettier than our “fake” tree.